I did my first pre-release thoughts video!

If you’re in my reader group, you know that I did a poll on whether or not you were interested in hearing pre-release thoughts from me!

So, I took a shower, threw on some lip gloss, and rambled for about ten minutes or so. Check out my pre-release thoughts on Resilient Love, book four and the series finale of the McAllister Security Series.

Speaking of Resilient Love...It’s Live!

“Romantic entanglements are a liability.”

This has been a creed Silas Stone has lived by for years. 

He’s never considered wavering from it, until he crosses paths once again with Karyn Barnes, the woman he was assigned to protect a year ago. The woman who also saved his life. 

When Karyn stumbles across a shocking revelation at work, putting her in danger, Silas makes it his mission to protect her at all costs. And he quickly learns that resisting the beautiful, tempting doctor is futile.