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Happy Mother’s Day, I hope you are all getting to spend the day exactly the way you want to.

I wanted to hop on and share a little something I wrote a couple of years ago. If you’ve been in my group, Té’s Place, for awhile, then you may have already read this little short that I originally and exclusively shared over there (so you should really be in the group if you’re not already).

If you haven’t read in yet...please enjoy.

*This was just something super short that I threw together and hasn’t really been edit, so please forgive any errors *

Veronica & Troy

"Shop, Dada! Shop!"
Troy Hartford looked at his son, TJ, from the rear view mirror with mild exasperation. While he was excited that his toddler was full on new words, the little guy had just spilled the beans on the location that he was trying to keep secret from his wife, Veronica.
"Shop?" Veronica, who was blindfolded, asked. "Are we at the shop?"
Troy sighed and put the car in park before undoing his seatbelt.
"Yes. Don't touch that blindfold though," he ordered as he saw her hands move up to her face.
"Ronnie, I'm serious."
"Fine," she said, with a pout that made Troy lean over and kiss her lips before getting out of the car.
He went to get TJ out of the back seat before going to the passenger side to help Veronica out of the car.
"Take Mommy's hand, TJ," he said, placing their son's hand into Veronica's. Troy took her other hand and they led her to her auto shop.
Once they were inside, he asked Veronica, "Are you ready?"
"Ready!" TJ shouted, eliciting a laugh from both Troy and Veronica.
"Me too," Veronica said, with a grin on her lips.
"TJ, let's count to three. One..."
"Two..." TJ chimed in.
"Three!" they both said as Troy removed the blindfold from Veronica's eyes.
He watched his wife tentatively, eager for her reaction.
Veronica stood speechless for several minutes before she started walking towards the old, beat up car.
"I know it needs a lot of work, but–"
"The 1964 VW Karmann Ghia," Veronica whispered as her grazed the vintage vehicle. She turned and looked at him. "You remembered."
"Of course I remembered," Troy replied.
Several months ago, he seen her admiring the car on an auction show and she'd told him how it was a car she would have loved to have. Troy had been on the hunt to find her one ever since. He hadn't been lucky finding one in mint condition, but he figured Ronnie wouldn't mind the work it would take to restore the car to a pristine nature.
He watched her as she reverently gazed at the car, and he could tell her mind was already churning with how she would once again make it a thing of beauty.
"Car!" TJ shouted.
"Yes, baby. It's a great car," Veronica said as TJ toddled over to his mother.
Troy had never imagined that his homecoming to Coalton, Texas would be permanent; but now, looking at his wife and son, he couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
When she was done studying the car, Veronica moved towards Troy and wrapped her arms around his neck, lifting up on her toes to press her lips to his.
"I love it. And I love you."
"I love you too. Happy Mother's Day, Veronica."

Sienna & Kevin

Sienna smiled as she walked out onto her back porch holding her first cup of coffee in her hands. She watched as her husband Kevin worked out in her garden, sowing marigold seeds. It was something that had been on her list of things to do and when she'd mentioned getting up to do it that morning, Kevin insisted that since it was Mother's Day, she wasn't to lift a finger.
Sienna didn't argue with him as he placed her coffee in her hands and kissed her forehead before going to get their daughter, Claire who'd just woken up.
She'd barely been in the bed for five minutes before she tossed the covers aside and made her way downstairs.
The sight of her husband sinking his fingers into the soil, while their daughter sat on a blanket next to him with her cute little sunhat on warmed her heart. So much had changed in her life in such a few short years, she barely remembered the cowering woman she'd once been before she arrived in Coalton, Texas.
Like her, her home on Sanctuary Road had transformed spectacularly as well. With the love both she and Kevin had put into it, it was no longer the run down, condemned house it had once been. Now it was one of the best houses on the block and had spurred a revitalization movement on the street by the city.
"You just couldn't help yourself, could you?"
Sienna looked up to see Kevin sitting back on his haunches staring at her from the garden.
She shrugged and headed for the stairs.
"I couldn't resist the opportunity to see my husband, sweaty and covered in dirt. You know that turns me on."
"What I know, wife, is that you are quite full of it?" Kevin chuckled as he stood. He walked towards her, careful not to disturb the area where he'd already planted seeds. "You came out here to monitor my work."
"What?" Sienna asked, feigning innocence as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"You do remember that you were the one who taught me how to do this, right?"
"I know, but–"
He cut off any argument with a sweet kiss on her lips.
As she pulled away, her eyes slid open and she glanced over at Claire and gasped.
"Kevin, look!"
Kevin turned to look at what had Sienna so excited and they both smiled brightly as Claire put one tiny foot in front of the other, her little arms out at her sides.
Kevin quickly pulled out his phone and turned the camera on as Sienna squatted down and held her hands out.
"Come on, sweet girl! Walk to Mommy."
Claire took a few more wobbly steps before falling down onto her bottom. Sienna swept the baby up in her arms and turned to Kevin her eyes filled with tears.
"She just took her first steps!"
"Yes, she did," Kevin said, leaning in to kiss Clair on her chubby cheek before pressing a kiss to her forehead. "And she did amazing."
Sienna squeezed Claire a little tighter as she leaned her head onto Kevin's shoulder.
It was the best Mother's Day she could have asked for.

Stacy & Brad

Stacy Foster picked up her ringing phone and smiled when she saw her oldest daughter's face on her screen. She accepted the video chat and her smiled widened and morphed into laugher when she saw all five of her kids faces squished into the screen.
"Happy Mother's Day!" they all shouted.
"Thank you guys. Mommy misses you all so much. Callie, are you taking your allergy meds?"
"Yes, Mom..." Callie replied.
"And Charlie, have you studied for you final?"
"Of course, Mom," he said.
Stacy couldn't believe her oldest son was about to graduate from high school.
"And also don't forget about–"
"Mom," Lana giggled. "Don't worry. I've got everything take care of. Just relax and enjoy the rest of your day."
Stacy smiled at her firstborn, who'd just finished another semester at Florida State and was home for a few weeks.
She'd been more than a little surprised when she'd come home after school on Friday and found Brad waiting for her with a bag packed.
"This weekend I'm taking you away," he'd said.
She'd been a bit apprehensive at first about leaving the kids on Mother's Day weekend, but all it had taken was a few whispered words of what he had in store for her, along with some strategically placed kissed and she'd practically dragged him out of the house.
He'd kept her well distracted, and thoroughly sexed all weekend.
But seeing her kids' faces now had brought her back to reality.
"Oh, she's definitely gonna enjoy the rest of her day."
Stacy looked up to find Brad had returned to the bedroom of their suite he'd rented.
The man was still sinfully sexy and Stacy desire for her husband suddenly returned with full force.
"We'll see you guys this evening, love you," Stacy said, quickly before hanging up.
"Good morning, Mrs. Foster," Brad said, as he walked further into the room with a rolling table filled with breakfast foods.
"Good morning to you too," she said, eyeing him in his robe.
"Did you sleep well?"
"I did."
He sat down on the bed next to her and wrapped an arm around her. He leaned his head down so his lips could meet hers and plied her with a kiss that left her breathless.
"Come on," he said, once they caught their breath. "Let's eat these omelets before they get cold."
He removed the domed covers from their plates and they fell into a comfortable silence as they enjoyed their breakfast.
"Have you enjoyed yourself this weekend?" Brad asked after a while.
Stacy rolled her eyes heavenward.
"It was even better than the last time we came."
"And we actually made it out of the hotel room this time," Brad teased.
"Yes, we did," Stacy said, blushing, as she remembered the last time they'd visited San Antonio. Their marriage had been in a fragile state at the time and that weekend away had helped reawaken something that had been dormant for a long time.
This time around they'd actually gone out and taken in the sights and even went on a gondola ride down the Riverwalk.
"I so needed this weekend away, honey," Stacy said, as Brad pushed the food cart away and returned to the bed. "You know how stressful the end of the year can be at school."
"Yeah, you looked like you were in desperate need for some time to unwind."
"And unwind I did."
"Is there anything else you wanted to do before we head back home?" Brad asked.
She gave him a naughty grin as she reached for the belt of his robe and tugged.
"Ohh, I can think of a few things I'd like to do..."

Trevor & Brooke

Brooke Sinclair moaned sensuously as she felt Trevor's hand caress her thighs.
"Good morning...mother of my unborn child..." Trevor whispered before his tongue slowly swiped across the shell of her ear.
"Mmm good morning," Brooke purred as she felt his hand move upward to her large belly. "How much time do you think we have?"
"Enough," Trevor growled as he rolled onto his back and brought Brooke on top of him, straddling his lap. This was the only comfortable position for Brooke to make love in now, but Trevor seemed to have no problems with it, as his hands roamed her body, palming both of her breasts and giving him a gentle squeeze, causing her to throw her head back in pleasure.
She grew even wetter when she felt his morning wood pressing against her center and she rolled her hips, loving the way her husband let out an arousing groan. She rose up as he grabbed his dick and held in place for her to sink down onto him.
"Fuck you feel so damn good, baby," Trevor swore as Brooke slowly rode him.
He told her time and time again over the last nine month how she'd never been sexier than when she was carrying his child. And he also showed her just how irresistible she was every chance he got.
"Trev..." Brooke rasped.
Lately, her orgasms came hard and fast.
"I know..." Trevor said, gripping her hips. "Come for me, sweetheart."
Brooke bit down on her lip to quell the scream that was rising in her throat and Trevor's hips thrust upwards to meet her downward strokes.
Trevor slowly lifted her off of his lap and gently rolled her onto her back and then stood to go to the bathroom. He returned with a damp towel and took his time cleaning her.
He went to the bathroom again to dispose of the towel and then came back to the bed, leaning down to kiss her lips.
"That was a great way to kick off Mother's Day," she sighed.

They'd just finished getting dressed when there was a rowdy knock on the door.
"What?" Trevor shouted.
"When are you guys coming downstairs?" Simone asked from the other side of the door.
Trevor rolled his eyes and Brooke quietly laughed.
"Soon," she called out.
"Hurry, Aunt Brooke," Kenya shouted.
"We've got presents," CJ added.
"We'll be right down," Trevor told the kids.
They listened as three sets of feet went rushing down the stairs.
Brooke shook her head and stood from the bed and went to the bathroom. Having to pee every few minutes wasn't one of the things she'd missed about being pregnant.
Trevor was just getting ready to head for their bedroom door and get downstairs before Brooke when she called out to him.
"Yeah baby?"
"I...uh...think we're gonna have to do the whole Mother's Day breakfast and gift opening later."
"Why?" Trevor asked, turning to towards Brooke.
His eyes grew wide when he saw his wife in the doorway of their bathroom.
She gave him a nervous grin as she informed him, "My water just broke..."

Camille & Nathan

"One more push, Brooke! You've got this sweetie," Camille Garrett encouraged.
Trevor had called Camille that morning, in a mild panic, when Brooke's water broke. Camille had assured Trevor that everything would be fine and had rushed over to their house.
Brooke had decided that she wanted to do an at-home birth.
"You're doing so great, sweetheart," Trevor said, as he wiped the sweat off of her brow.
"Okay, Brooke this is it. Come on and push, honey, so you can meet your son."
Brooke's face pinched tightly as she leaned forward and gave one final push.
"He's here!" Camille said, as she caught the baby in a fresh blanket and immediately placed him on Brooke's chest.
"He's beautiful," Brooke cried, as she looked down at the baby.
"Trevor, do you want to cut the umbilical cord?"
Camille showed him where to cut the cord and then took the baby so she could clean him and check him out.
"He seems perfect," she said, as she placed the baby in Trevor's arms.
Camille watch with pride as one of her best friends held his son.
"We need to call my parents, let them and the kids know..."
"Just rest," Camille ordered. "Trevor will take care of it. I'm gonna get out of here. I'll come back by in a few hours to check on you."
Trevor placed the baby back in Brooke's arms and place a kissed on her forehead.
"I'm going to walk Cam out. Are you okay?" he asked Brooke who nodded.
Trevor made a quick call to Brooke's parents as he and Camille made their way down the stairs.
She smiled when she saw Nathan on their couch. When it started getting later in the evening, he'd come over to spend time with Camille during the hours of Brooke's labor when there'd been no progress.
"Hey," he asked, looking up. "I heard a baby crying up there."
Camille smiled and nodded.
Once he was off the phone, Camille turned to Trevor and smiled.
"Congrats, Dad," she said, and was caught off guard when he pulled her into a tight hug.
"Thanks, Cam," he said, his voice thick with emotion.
"Just doing my job," she replied, over the lump in her own throat.
She turned back to Nathan who'd stood.
"I'll drive home," he said. "We can come back for your car later on. You look exhausted."
"Are you kidding?" Camille said, waving Nathan off. "I'm in my element. I could–"
A wave of dizziness hit Camille and Nathan quickly moved towards her and caught her to his body.
"Cam, you okay, baby?" Nathan asked, concern on his face.
"Yeah. I'm just...hungry, I think."
Nathan shook his head.
"You've been out of sorts over the last few days."
"Nathan, I'm fine. I had that stomach bug that was going around last week, but I'm better.
"You're not, Cam. Come on. We're going to the clinic so I can run some tests."
"Really, you're gonna go all doctor on me right now."
"Hell, yes. Whether you walk out that door with me, or I have to carry you out, we're going to the clinic," Nathan said.
Camille turned to look at Trevor.
He simply shook his head, put his hands up and said, "Your husband's right. I've got to get back up to Brooke."
Camille stubbornly headed for the door.
"Let's get this over with, but we're going to Stella's for dinner," she said.
"Yes ma'am," Nathan replied, stifling a chuckle at his wife. She seemed to make the old adage that doctors made the worst patients true, he though with a shake of his head.


"Can I get you two anything else?" Stella asked.
Camille and Nathan were the only two left in the diner and it was closing time.
"No ma'am," Camille said.
"I'm good. Thanks Miss Stella," Nathan added.
"Well you two have a good evening," Stella said.
Nathan and Camille stood and left the diner and walked across the street back to the clinic, where they'd stopped by earlier so Nathan could run a blood test on Camille, much to Camille's chagrin.
Once they were inside, Nathan went to see the results of Camille's test.
When Camille noticed the look of shock on Nathan's face, she stood from the exam table and moved towards him.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
His lips tilted up into a smiled and he handed her the paper. She grabbed it from his hands and her eyes quickly scanned it.
"Oh...I'm..." she looked up from the paper to Nathan in awe. "We're...gonna have a baby..."
"Yep. We're gonna have a baby."
Camille had always felt she was destined to have a baby, and now it was finally happening.
"I guess I can officially say Happy Mother's Day to you," Nathan said, pulling her into his arms and looking at the clock on the wall. "It's still Sunday."
"I guess so..." she whispered, before he closed his mouth over hers.
Right as the clock struck midnight....

Happy Mother's Day from Té Russ Novels